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High performance copper heat pipe and heat dissipation module

High performance copper heat pipe and heat dissipation module: heat pipe surface chart and template module, heat pipe inspect

Liquid-cooled module

Liquid-cooled module: liquid-cooled heat pipe module is filled in the battery pack, which can cool the core of battery core heat, to achieve to goal of cooling the core part.

Nano copper made heat conduction membrane

In the early of 2013, which become the new heat conduct diffusion material, it took copper foil as the based material, and treated by Nano-technology, one side coated with uniform glue layer that...

Phase change heat buffer energy storage series product

High performance phase change interface material was filled between heating units, it can achieve the function of heat diffusion system and heating unit heat buffer and heat energy storage.

High performance synthetic graphite series products

High performance synthetic graphite could be filled between cells, because it has good heat conductivity, which can transfer and diffuse heat out uniformly and fast, meanwhile assist corresponding...

High flexibility heat conducting silica gel series products

High performance silica gel can improve heat transfer interface`s performance, as the hardness could be adjusted as will, hence the filled between the heat conduction module and heating unit, it...
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