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Shenzhen Hanhua thermal management Technology Ltd., was established in 2015, and it was established under the cooperation of School of Materials, Tsinghua university and Huizhou Ruijie.


Shenzhen Hanhua is fully devoted into the design, produce, and technical services as a whole and integrated provider of thermal management, new heat conduction material, thermal diffusion material, and design of heat conduction modules of new energy power battery module.


So far, hanhua can provide the world-class groove-type, sintering, mixed type of wick structure high performance mirco heat pipe, high performance flat heat pipe, compared with common micro heat pipe, which has the faster rate of thermal conductivity, larger endothermic power, and better isothermality.


By heat pipe to deal with the heat problem of core part of power battery module, is the first scheme in the industry of Shenzhen hanhua.


Shenzhen hanhua cooperate with school of material of Tsinghua university, independently created high thermal conductivity, high flexibility, low density thermal conducting silica gel slice.


Combined with the demand of high rated discharge of new energy power battery module, hanhua push out a thermal management platform system that put heat pipe at the core. We have been established aluminum shell battery thermal management platform, soft package thermal management platform, 18650(cylinder) type battery module thermal management platform, and answer the core part heat conduction problem respectively, got the recognition of peers in the industry.


Since our company set up, we have been applied 15 patents, some of which has been granted and published.


Shenzhen Hanhua`s enterprise purpose: social commitment、sincere、professional


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